Training on Shama-Somatic Constellations 

16-22 May 2024 | Ommen, The Netherlands

  • 5 days of practice facilitating shama-somatic (systemic) constellations with supervision
  • practice the Somatic approach to constellations, as we learn to listen to the body field and its language
  • practice working with our own body, with sensations, and feelings in the field and their morphic movements
  • exploring the potentials of Arts Therapeutic resources as a bridge into the spiritual level of the field
  • learn about the  Medicine Wheel and Trance Shamanic Journeys in constellational practices
  • The power of Systemic Rituals and Ceremonies
  • Certificate for attendance

* to be part of this training course, a basic knowledge of systemic work, as well as some practice is required

What is this training course about?

This training course is in service to those who are developing their practice in the field of systemic and spiritual work and want to deepen their knowledge and experience

For 5 days we get to practice facilitating systemic and spiritual constellations (in small groups, in big groups, with people and with different creative tools). Our practice is supervised by Stefania Ammirata and we receive coaching on the spot and support to understand our own patterns and systems in the field.

We get to learn and explore a very unique shama-somatic approach to constellations, developed by Stefania Ammirata during the many years of her practice.  

Within this approach, we learn to connect and receive information from the physical field, the body field of others, and the “body” of the spiritual field. Learning to allow being moved from the energetic movements of the systemic field.

We explore the different systemic movements in the healing process and how they live in our bodies. 

When we like to work with the body in our practice, use creative tools and metaphors, read the self-expression of our explorers/clients, and above all enhance our capacity for listening and allowing for ‘seeing’ and sensing, that training course might support us. We unfold and expand our abilities as a systemic coach and constellator. 

Trainer, Mentor & Spiritual Guide

Stefania Ammirata is a therapist, using in her healing work systemic constellations, somatic processes, shamanic journeys, and art therapeutical practices. 

Her life, educational, and professional choices have been mainly guided by her deep interest in the physical body and its ability to express, communicate, connect and manifest deeper layers of the self, in daily life as well as on an artistic and on a therapeutic level.

She has trained as a ballet dancer and in 1989 graduated from the “Teatro Dell’ Opera” in Rome, Italy. In 1994, she was certified as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Her need to keep integrating creative and healing processes led her to the study of Open Source Forms (OSF), a technique used to free the voice and the body from old patterns and to allow a more balanced self to manifest.

Since 2016, she is a certified Bio-Resonance therapist. In 2017, she completed a 3 years certification education in Family Constellation and Expressive Art Therapy, an intensive education on Bert Hellinger’s Spiritual Constellation approach.

More about Stefania you can find in her website

Practical Agreements

Arrival day: 16th of May 

Days of the training: 17-21 May 

Departure day: 22nd of May 

Location: Ommen, the Netherlands

Price of the training for members of the Grow Together community & Skin of Cosmos: 850 euro

Regular price: 1050 euro

Included in that price is:

  • The program of the training and training materials
  • Accommodation in shared rooms, in the Olde Vechte Foundation training center
  • Fresh, vegetarian food, prepared by a vegetarian chef for us, to take care of our nourishment and energy (breakfast, lunch and dinner and coffee breaks)