Soil & Soul

18 – 26 October 2024 (incl. travel) | Ommen, The Netherlands

Soil & Soul is a training course for educators, youth mentors, youth leaders and youth workers who are curious to learn and practice:

  • designing inclusive and engaging learning experiences for others
  • using food-related practices in the educational process
  • delivering wholesome learning: engaging mind, body and environment
  • Participatory Action Research as a methodology in education
  • Systemic approach to learning and personal development

Join us for 7 days of learning, connection and growing together! We will enjoy the silence of the Dutch countyside and learn in a dynamic way.

  • Understanding of Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Paulo Freire)
  • Understanding of Community Education 
  • Basic understanding of Participatory Action Research (PAR)
  • Basic understanding of Systemic Approach (B. Hellinger, Jan Jacob Stam)
  • Holistic view of education, including the systems of belonging of the participants and recognizing the impact of the learning on a bigger scale
  • Inclusivity – learning to perceive the importance of diversity as a source of learning and to recognize the systemic patterns behind the people 
  • Decolonizing the educational process – from the belief related to the “right” way of being, that supports only the privileged social groups.
  • Systemic perspective – developing a systemic perspective that considers the interconnectedness of factors influencing the lives of young people, recognizing the broader context in which they operate
  • Community-centered approach – developing a way of perception, where the learning is created around the needs and the values of the local community, positioned in the global context.
  • Cultural sensibility – recognizing the cultural influence on a systemic perspective
  • Designing and hosting engaging and inclusive learning environments for young people with fewer opportunities
  • Using the Community education approach to create sustainable learning environments
  • Empathic listening and observation skills to recognize the needs of the learners
  • Understanding and navigating group dynamics 
  • Observing behaviors that are coming from inner oppression and trauma
  • Using food and food-systems as metaphors for the bigger systems of society
  • Develop skills in facilitating participatory processes (PAR), including group discussions, workshops, and community engagement
  • Communication skills – learning to better understand the communication process, perceiving it on a systemic level and
    understanding the ongoing dynamics (4-layer model of communication)
  • Critical thinking skills – to analyze complex social systems
  • Facilitating critical reflection – the ability to hold the space for learners to critically reflect on complex social systems
Time Frame

Stage 1. Preparation

  • Selection Procedures
  • Distributing Roles
  • Preparation Meeting: 9 September 2024 at 9:00 CET

Stage 2. Training Course

  • Arrival: 18th of October 2024
  • Training days: 19 – 25 October 2024
  • Departure: 26 October 2024

Stage 3. Local Action

  • You will host a local event, to bring your new practice and skills home: until 24 December 2024

The training will take place in Ommen, the Netherlands. We will be hosted in the group accomodation of Olde Vechte Foundation, in shared rooms (2 or 3 people per room). 

Financial Agreements

This training course is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Comission. Your food, accommodation and transport are covered by the program. 

We will ask you for participation fee of €50 that will be deduced from your travel reimbursement. 

Your travel expenses will be reimbursed up to certain amount:

  • If you come from Netherlands: €56
  • If you come from Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Latvia, Czech Republic and you travel without plane (Green travel): € 417
  • If you come from Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Latvia, Czech Republic and you travel by plane: € 309
  • If you come from Portugal or Greece: € 309

You will need to provide European Health Card or valid health insurance in the Netherlands for the time of your stay.

Registration and Contact
  • You are passionate to join Soil&Soul learning journey -> Register with the Button Below
  • We will look at the applications and let you know if we could grant your participation by the 15th of July 2024
  • Once you are approved, you will receive a Confirmation Letter with a lot of practical information
  • Meanwhile, if you have questions and want to connect, do that on our Instagram Account 
  • You can also write to us at