Rewild Women Retreat

02 – 07 May 2024 | Piedmont, Italy

Come to Rewild!

Community space for women to connect with their sensuality, heal sexuality and let the sense of power and aliveness in their bodies and souls.


Rewild is about connecting with our raw, authentic, unapologetic selves and moving from a place of inner power and confidence.

We gather a group of 12 women in a small village near Alessandria, North Italy for 4 days and 1 evening of self-discovery. 

On the outside, we connect with the wild nature of Piedmont, and enjoy local traditional food.

On the inside, we dive into healing and revitalizing process – to restore our sexual and creative energy, heal our blockages and systemic entanglements

We aim to leave the retreat more alive, liberated, recharged and ready to take the next available step in life. 

We work on two levels.

First, we work with the bodies in a series of holistic tantra and trauma-release practices. In that way, we release blockages and tension and invite aliveness and sexual energy into our lives.

Second, we work on our systems of belonging, such as family systems, work environment, relationships etc. 

For the second year we host Rewild in the house of Altradimora.

This special place was created by Monica Lanfranco, who is a famous feminist writer and journalist. With her work, she supported the growth of hundreds of young women.

In her house, you can find both a safe space and a huge feminist library with rare editions.

Practical Information

Arrival date: 2 May 2024

Departure date: 7 May 2024

Arrival and departure location: Alessandria train station

We provide:

  • The program of the retreat (practices, individual and group sessions, materials)
  • Accommodation for 5 evenings (2 – 6 May)
  • Food & Drinks (local vegetarian food)
  • Transport from Alessandria train station to the accommodation and back

Financial contribution:

  • Regular: 650 Euro
  • Two spots: 550 Euro per person

We have 12 available places, 8 of which are already booked.


Joanna Nikolova

Joanna is a cultural anthropologist with a background in systemic therapy and coaching.

In the past three years, she has been working with more than 500 people individually and in groups, supporting their growth and healing.

She works mainly with young people with fewer opportunities, women, and expats.

Nina Peneva

With a Master of Law and another one in Psychology, Nina dedicated the last five years of her life to specializing in therapy and healing.

She works mainly with women (in groups and individually) and children.

In her practice, she uses elements of Primal therapy (Work with the Inner Child), Holistic Tantra practices, and Art therapy.

Mariem Werhani Mariotti

Mariem started her academic journey in medicine, but soon found her true calling in personal development.

Her exploration led her to a somatic school, where she deepened her expertise in the HAKOMI method and embodiment practices.

Now, she works as a one-to-one coach,  supporting women on their paths to self-discovery and empowerment, utilizing a blend of mindful and somatic techniques.