I Hear You(th) (May 2022)

I Hear You(th) was a programme that supports people who work with people to have conversations about mental well-being through the community.

We used a theoretical framework that was specifically modified for non-formal learning – ALGEE+ – from the toolkit of Mental Health First Aid.

MHFA is a training course that is used in governmental organisations to raise awareness about mental health and how to have difficult conversations.

To learn more see this amazing booklet that we created with plenty of e-learning resources.


What is an organisation or community that can support mental health? It doesn’t need to be specifically about anxiety or depression! It can be a dance class, it can be a carpentry shop – mental health is always there, we don’t need to wait for it to get “bad”.


Also, have a look at the amazing local actions we did in 10 countries!

We also made it to the good practice examples on the Dutch National Agency website! Thank you:)


Funded by Erasmus+ and Erasmus+NL