Elements of Connection 2

24-30 May 2024 | Ommen, the Netherlands


7-day training course for youth workers, youth leaders, ESC mentors and educators. Join if you want to

  • master the way you CONNECT with the people you work with
  • expand your COMMUNICATION skills and learn new tools and practices about active listening, recognizing needs, navigating difficult situations, formulating impactful questions, listening beyond what is said
  • learn to be ASSERTIVE and clear in the way you communicate your needs and emotions and to formulate powerful requests
  • practice powerful COACHING tools and techniques for personal & professional development
  • meet like-minded people from Europe and expand your personal and professional NETWORK

More about the project

Elements of Connection is a Training Course in 2 stages. 

  • Training in the Netherlands – for 7 days you learn, practice, play and network. You gain new skills and confidence, while meeting like-minded people and creating connections. 
  • Local Action – once you are back in your country, you have 4 months to apply the new knowledge to your original environment. You receive access to individual and group coaching, so you can master the field. 

At the end of the project, you will receive a YouthPass certificate that you can use in the future as addition to your CV. We will also issue a EnvironMental Certificate for Attendance. 

7 Learning Outcomes

  1. Connectivity – learn to create meaningful connection with the people you work with, establishing rapport through body language and words. Stay connected, while establishing your personal and professional boundaries. 
  2. Confident Communication – active listening, conversational techniques, verbal and nonverbal communication, communication theory, Nonviolent communication practice. 
  3. Critical reflection. We approach critical reflection from the point of the meaning-making process. Since
    we have seen that one of the biggest challenges in front of young people is to find meaning in what they do and how they
    work, we have concluded that this is a key competence when working in the field of professional development for youth.
  4. Identifying learning and development needs – in this way you will design learning experiences based on the needs of the people who learn
  5. Human-Centred Learning Design – you can adapt your workshops and programmes to the needs, abilities and
    learning styles of your target group.
  6. Get stronger in your own method of work, understanding better your style, strenghts and uniqne approach.
  7. Basic coaching skills – this includes conversational techniques, basic NLP models, V\A Chart, skills in formulating and asking powerful questions.

Location and Dates

Arrival date: 23 May

Training days: 24 – 30 May

Departure: 31 May

The training will take place in Ommen, the Netherlands. We will be hosted in the group accomodation of Olde Vechte Foundation. 


Joanna Nikolova
  • BA in Culturology (Cultural Anthropology & Cultural Management)
  • MA in Digital Media & Communication (currently)

Work: Systemic coach and Trainer,  Educator

Joanna is the creator of the project and project manager. She will provide systemic coaching and guidance on the spot, bringing her expertise in System Thinking and Nonviolent Communication. 
Rositsa Vasileva
  • BA in Business Management
  • MA in International Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Work: Senior Digital Marketing Expert at Philips (Amsterdam), Holistic Coach & Trainer

Rositsa is a natural connector of people and effective communicator. She will bring her expertise in working with individuals and teams for over 15 years in corporate settings an non-profit organizations. She is program designer and main trainer in Elements of Connection.
Elena Mena
  • BA Massmedia & Communication
  • MA in Brand Management

Work: Brand Expert, Storyteller, Freelance Consultant

After having 10 years of experience in the corporate world, last year Elena found herself fascinated with the transformational impact of non-formal education on personal growth.
She is a program designer in Elements of Connection and will bring her natural talent for connecting with people in order to bring clarity and sustainable results.  


Sara Wittmann

Work: Graphic Designer, Artist, Community Educator

Sara is an explorer of the human spirit, a traveller and creator.
As an educator, Sara hosts community spaces, where people explore their authenticity through rhythm, movement, poetry and theatre. She has developed a unique method for community building and connection through drumming and sound-making. 
As a visual artist, Sara supports individuals and brands to discover the soul of what they are doing through colours and shapes. 


Thea Nikolova

Work: Logistic Support

Thea is has two hands gifted to create order and harmony around her. She will be with us to support us all feel comfortable in the space, to guide us through all the logistics and give some structure to our otherwise rather creative (chaotic) team.
Afrodite Varvara

Work: Sustainable Chef & Mentor

Afrodite is creating #magic in the kitchen, taking care that we enjoy food that is delicious, noutritions and sustainable. 
Her educational background is also in Communication & Cultures, so she will have her own way to guide us through the topic.
Emotional Support

Active Listener  & Love Provider

“My job is heavy. Respect my privacy.”



What participants in the previous edition said

Financial Agreements & Travel

This program is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program. Therefore, your expenses for travel, accommodation, food and the program itself will be covered. 

We ask you to contribute with a participation fee of 50 Euros.

After the end of the project, you will receive reimbursement for your travel expenses. We will send you detailed information about that upon approval of your application. 

Connection with us

You want to join? -> Fill in the APPLICATION FORM (takes only few minutes) and we will connect with you afterwards 

You want to ask more information -> Write to us at askaway.environmental@gmail.com

Cover Photo by @rishabhdharmani in Unsplash