Photo by Hossein Ezzatkhah on Unsplash

Who are we?

EnvironMental is a non-profit organization with offices in the Netherlands and Bulgaria. 

EnvironMental was born first as an initiative in October 2021. We started by hosting online programs for mental well-being during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Soon after we created partnerships with organizations all over Europe. For two years we were supporting other non-profits to develop their educational programs and support the growth of their local communities

In 2023 we registered as an organization in the Netherlands (Stichting EnvironMental) and in Bulgaria (EnvironMental Foundation).

Our community is big and we are lucky to work and expand all over Europe.

Why do we do?

We are driven by the desire to improve our local communities and the living in Europe.

Social isolation, stress, anxiety, disconnection from nature and family, poverty, and lack of education are often the reasons for suffering both on personal and social levels. 

We work to restore the natural connectivity of us, people. The connection that we have with nature, with our bodies, with our systems of belonging, with our communities. 

What do we do?

We organize and host events, where people can connect, learn, overcome their current obstacles, and take the next step in life.

You can join

  • local community gatherings and weekend retreats in the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Italy
  • training courses and retreats for personal development  
  • training courses for people who work with people
  • youth exchanges and youth events 

Our Team

Joanna Nikolova
Founder & Director
Topics: Systemic thinking, Connectivity, Communication


Zsofia Gaudi
Topics: Mental health, Community Education
Afrodite Varvara
Chef & Mentor
Topics: Sustainability, Food Literacy, Personal development
Rositsa Vasileva
Logistic Support
Ilze Ozola
Coach & Facilitator
Topics: Well-being
Nina Peneva
Topics: Wholistic Tantra, Healing Inner Oppressions in the Body, Woman Empowerment
Maja Nakoska – Panajotova
Topics: Energetic work with the Body, Self-expression
Sara Wittmann
Artist & Facilitator
Topics: Community building
Rositsa Vasileva
Topics: Communication
Elena Mena
Topics: Branding & Marketing
Dariia Bobkova
Topics: Wholistic approaches to Mental Health
Stichting EnvironMental Netherlands
  • KVK Number: 91754445
  • Address: Steenplaetsstraat 6, Unit 4.14, 2288AA Rijswijk, the Netherlands
Foundation EnvironMental Bulgaria
  • EIK:
  • Address: 61 G. S. Rakovski str, 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria