This is what happened in our 7th Community Gathering

Welcome to our 7th Grow Together Gathering!

We are a community of  educators, movers, passionate learners, coaches and mental health professionals and we would love to connect with you.

Our gatherings are once every three months. We  share, move, learn from each other,  soften. Each gathering is hosted by a different member of our community, so we can get to know new places, new ways of being, new people, new methods. 

In April, our gathering is dedicated to the topic of Mental Health. We are inspired by the work of Anatta Foundation on the topic and especially their projects of Nature Intelligence

We will share outcomes and project results by the inspiring project “Digital Youth Wellbeing App” that Anatta Foundation is developing in the last years. We will learn how to use tools for digital wellbeing in our work with children and young people. 

The Program

This time our program has three main elements:

16:00 – 17:00 Opening: we gather, connect, get to know the people in the room, make ourselves comfortable with the space. In that first part, we will explore the work of Anatta Foundation on the project Digital Youth Wellbeing App and explore tools for digital wellbeing.

17:00 – 18:00  Movement of the Soul: Session in the Garden with Loreta Lizbovska

18:00 – 19:00 Therapeutic Sounds: Session of meditation with healing sound and gentle movement to release stress and continue the soul-journey

19:00 – 20:30 Dinner Together  

Ilze Ozola
Ilze is the person who cares to organize our regular Grow Together events and manage our community of educators, coaches and youth workers.
Ilze herself is a coach and facilitator of learning events, both online and offline.
Her focus is in designing and facilitation community-oriented learning, introducing inspiring art-based tools, outdoor activities and reflective exercises.  
Dariia Bobkova
Dariia Bobkova is a graduated psychologist, has been working with individuals and groups for 5 years. In her work she uses gestalt approach, body oriented therapy and art. She run body therapy groups in different countries and hosts retreats.
Recently she started playing musical instruments in her workshops and individual sessions to create sound healing effect and deep nurturing for our whole being.


Loreta Lizbovska
Loreta is energetic nature-lover, passionate about art, embodiment, mindfullness and self-expression.
Holding a BA in Creative Industries, she is currently working as facilitator of Erasmus+ programs and language teacher.
During our Gathering, she will bring her creative, reflective forms, based on art and movement, supporting us to come closer to our souls and authentic selves.

Photo Credit in the cover: Phil Hearing from Unsplash